Preserving The Past, Presenting Today, Preparing Our Future

If you have some pictures of Palmyra, Both old and new, please send them or give them to one of our members and we will scan them and return them to you, unharmed. Thank you.

This is where you could get very creative! Make a short movie or a commercial, about something Palmyra oriented. Feature a local business or do a “news” item. Create your film and email it to us, and it may end up right here on this page! Make sure YOU made your film, do not submit anything copyrighted.

New Years Eve 2011/12

Christmas Parade December 3rd 2011

At the Square in Palmyra

Memorial Day Service 2012

Car Show May 2010

Our First PAHA Meeting

First Annual PAHA Golf Tournament May 18 2012

At Fairview Golf Course

2nd Annual Veteran’s Carnival 2012

Community Picnic 2012

Memorial Parade 2012

Christmas Parade 2012

New Years Eve Shoe Drop 2012

Memorial Day Parade and Service 2013